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In the world where cyberwar is common, we wish to make cyber peace through cyber diplomacy. It will be done by providing quality expert analysis of all cybersecurity issues of concern. 

Our services and insights enable us to solve cyber-related issues. We bring together multiple stakeholders and enable making better and more informed decisions as a result.  



Our vision is to ensure the world is cyber-secure and technology is used for creating positive impact for individual and international development. We ensure the processes, people and technology are aligned towards creating a society where justice and wellbeing prevails.


Our Customers

Educational Institutions, Educators, Academics, Bureaucrats, Policy Makers, Business Professional from all sectors that have ICT integration. Ecommerce Professional, Engineers, Marketers, Human Resource Professionals, Institutions, NGOs, Activists, Student and Parents

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  Sanjana Rathi

Founding Partner & CEO

Sanjana Rathi is the CEO & Founder of TheCyberDiplomat LLC. She is a TATA scholar holding Masters degree in Security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University, & Degree in Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation from London School of Economics & Political Science(LSE). In the past she has worked with International Law Enforcement, Think Tanks, Private, Public sector enterprises and academia. Having worked in all domains of cyber, she is passionate and committed to the field.


Vineet Kumar


Founding Partner

Mr. Vineet Kumar is the President & Co-Founder of The CyberDiplomat LLC. In a career span of 20+ years; founded NGO/NPOs, set up state government IT infrastructure & network, headed Jharkhand State Government agency on Cyber Defence, led various initiatives for the welfare, trained senior officials on cyber crime, security & investigations, taught at prestigious schools/universities, conducted speaker engagements globally at seminars/conferences/forums.