We are a cybersecurity and technology venture based in the USA & India. We provide a range of services and training to meet your organizational needs. Our services are made such that they can protect your company or individuals from new-age crime and fraud. We also have experts providing cyber-counseling and cyber-psychology services and training. If you are a school or college looking for an expert assistant in new-age situations, we will partner to work on the solution. We serve to solve! 

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The Cyberdiplomat is a collaborative initiative by Cyberdiplomat Tech Private Limited (CIN: U72900KA2022PTC167335) & Cyberdiplomat LLC (EIN: 37-1997078), companies based out of India and USA, respectively. 


This venture began as a Cyber Diplomacy Initiative in 2019 when Sanjana Rathi( CEO & Founder) was a Political Science, Security, & Diplomacy scholar at Tel Aviv University, Israel. After completing her studies, Sanjana converted this into a social impact venture. As a result, the Cyberdiplomat organized the International Dialogue on Cyberdiplomacy in 2021, where 21 Experts - Diplomats, Security Researchers, and Policy Makers, discussed their vision for Cyberdiplomacy and the future of a resilient Cyberspace. ​

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Sanjana Rathi

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) & Founder 

Sanjana Rathi is the CEO & Founder of CyberDiplomat LLC, USA, and Cyberdiplomat Tech Pvt. Ltd., India, having 10+ years of experience in the field. The CyberDiplomat results from her professional and educational qualifications in multiple disciplines, with her focus being 'Cyber.' She is a TATA scholar holding an M.A degree in Political Science Security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University & MSc.Degree in Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation (MISDI) from the London School of Economics & Political Science(LSE). She is a Computer Science Engineer from VTU, Belgaum, and holds a Cyber Law and Forensics Diploma from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. 


She has worked with International Law Enforcement, Think Tanks, Private, Public sector enterprises, and academia. Having worked in all cyber domains, she is passionate and committed to the field - which she brings to CyberDiplomat LLC. 


Sanjana is also a drone pilot with a Diploma in UAV & Drones from the Indian Institute of Drones.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Advisors

Paul Friedberg

Head of Global Business Acceleration-Business Development and Partnerships - Cellebrite, Israel

Chakradhari Rowe

Protection & Counter Terrorism professional, a Security Architect and a Tactical Instructor

Jerry I. Akubo

INTERPOL National Technical Officer in-charge National Central Bureau (NCB) Abuja & Lagos; Member of the INTERPOL Drone Expert Forum


Diplomat - Cameroon | Fellow - UN Women in Cyber Program