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We support multiple stakeholders to gain knowledge, skills and best practices to ensure secure use of cyberspace and a human centric approach to technology 

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[ Cyber - Courses on Everything Cyber]


CyberDiplomat LLC along with experts in cybersecurity, cyberdiplomacy, cyberpsychology and cyber-forensics have developed courses - for beginners, intermediate and advance level. 


[ Cybersecurity Centre for Excellence - CCoE]


The CCoE initiated by the CyberDiplomat LLC enables research and development in cybersecurity for all educational institutions. 

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[ Cybersecurity Centre - Customised]


CyberDiplomat LLC understands that the requirements, response and responsibilities for cyber-incident and technology capability is industry specific. We offer solutions customised to your needs.


Namrata Dubey, Entreprenuer

The Courses offered are most recommended to overcome the malice we face in cyberspace! The simulation and story telling way makes it easy to understand 

Tejas Parth, Student

I now understand my obsession with social media and know what I need to do to overcome this...Thanks for the support and advise!

Vittal Kamath, Banker

We now understand that it is up to us to keep ourselves cybersecure. Although government and law enforcement has a role to play, we have equal role to be aware and take informed action!

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