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Cybersecurity Audit and Reporting Services

Deeply analyse organisational cybersecurity posture. Get a lowdown on the deep threats and know what it takes to mitigate them. Unlock intelligent risk management. Perform a Cyber Audit. 

Secure, Agile, Intelligent: Astute Cybersecurity Audits and Cybersecurity Assessment for Future-proof Business Progress

Cybersecurity is a major concern for many organizations today. Data breaches are increasing at a faster pace than ever before. Cyber attackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in organizations to gain access to valuable data that they can exploit for their own gain. They regularly use new techniques to infiltrate apps and networks and steal sensitive data.

As a result, organizations lose millions of dollars every year, along with credibility in the market. The situation is worsening because most companies are unaware of the latest hacking techniques. Therefore, conducting regular cybersecurity audits and understanding the audit reports are crucial for maintaining business security. Organizations need to perform thorough security audits on a regular basis to prevent the leakage of confidential data to hackers.

Businesses are suffering 50% more cyber attacks attempts every year
There are over 2.1 million detected phishing sites on the web 
Only 5% of the world's information is actually protected 

What does Cybersecurity Auditing exactly cover and how Cyberdiplomat helps

A cybersecurity audit thoroughly reviews and assesses your business’s IT infrastructure. This process identifies threats and vulnerabilities, exposing weaknesses and high-risk practices. It helps contain the consequences of a breach and demonstrates if your organization has taken the necessary steps to protect client and company data. Cyberdiplomat cybersecurity audit services combine industry expertise with advanced business insights to help unlock true IT resilience.

We ensure that cybersecurity solutions are fully dedicated to the company's risk profile and technology landscape. Based on our experience, a sound way to begin an internal audit is to conduct a cyber risk assessment and use the findings to drive a cybersecurity internal audit plan from time to time. Indeed, the right strategy can unlock more achievement and long-term success in cybersecurity. Gain advanced cybersecurity audits with automated security controls and make your business cybersecurity risk-proof.

Signs Your Organisation Needs
a Cybersecurity Audit Now

Outdated technologies struggling to tackle evolving threats 

Inability to innovate and grow because resources are wasted in fire-fighting 

Inability to innovate and grow because resources are wasted in fire-fighting 

Benefits of Cybersecurity Auditing

Discover the CyberDiplomat

In-depth analysis on threat and organization’s risk standards

Minimize your risk before a catastrophic IT event by finding out your cyber security vulnerabilities via vulnerability assessment. Assess data security, network security, IT asset security, modernized policies and procedures according to security best practices.

Connect with Our Cybersecurity Experts

CyberDiplomat's End-to-end Cybersecurity Audit Offerings

Web Security Audit

The website security audit services enables organization to prevent breaches and downtimes by protecting their data in web applications. It includes:

  • Security against various web attacks, DDoS & site scraping

  • Vulnerability assessment of web applications

  • Protecting data against unauthorized access

  • Security review of apps handling critical data

Cyberdiplomat Cybersecurity 
Audit Process Framework

At CyberDiplomat, the audit is divided into three distinct phases: Gap Analysis & Survey, Vulnerability Assessment & PenTesting & Remediation. A Gap Analysis identifies the underlying discrepancies between compliance obligations and overall security hygiene. Through Survey we understand the gaps in basic cyber-awareness of individuals working in the organisation.  The Vulnerability Assessment and PenTesting service assists in preventing attacks by identifying the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers exploit to penetrate an enterprise’s network. Lastly, we provide remediation and training to bridge the gap. 



Cybersecurity Gap Analysis & Survey

  • Remediation action-points

  • Breach response plan

  • Staff training and awareness survey

  • Detailed report including strategy overview

  • Cyber resilience assessment



Vulnerability Assessment & PenTesting

  • Vulnerability scanning and identification

  • Configuration and compliance checks

  • Malware detection

  • Web application scanning

  • Data backup review and analysis



Remediation & Training

  • Remediation implementation 

  • Training of Executives

  • Staff training and awareness

  • Detailed report including thought leadership

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