In the world where cyberwar is common, we wish to make cyber peace through cyber diplomacy. It is done by providing quality expert analysis of all cybersecurity issues of International Relation concern. 

Our Focus Areas_

Audience at a Performance

Role of Institutions & Stakeholders in Cyber

Global and regional institutions,
and their role in policy formulation in ICT. Also, all the key developments that have happened until now.

Judge and Gavel

Country Analysis for Technology development, Vulnerabilities & Cyber-threats

Presenting country analysis on
country specific laws and
regulations in the ICT sector
and foreign policy in relation to
United Nations

Everyday Cyber-Affairs 

We develop intelligence through analysis of vast amount of content and research. The content includes videos, conference & research.


“Due to high levels of cross border connectivity in the cyber world, a new approach for cybersecurity must factor in the International dimension. Thus, instead of exclusively focusing on cyber defense or cyberwar, it is essential to begin to develop 'cyber diplomacy’”