CEO & Founder 

Sanjana Rathi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Sanjana Rathi is the CEO & Founder of TheCyberDiplomat LLC, having 10+ years of experience in the field. The CyberDiplomat is the result of her professional and educational qualifications in multiple disciplines, with her focus being 'Cyber'. She is a TATA scholar holding M.A degree in Political Science Security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University, & MSc.Degree in Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation (MISDI) from London School of Economics & Political Science(LSE). She is a Computer Science Engineer from VTU, Belgaum, also holding a Diploma in Cyber Law and Forensics from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. 


In the past she has worked with International Law Enforcement, Think Tanks, Private, Public sector enterprises and academia. Having worked in all domains of cyber, she is passionate and committed to the field - which she brings to CyberDiplomat LLC. 

Sanjana is also a Drone Pilot and having a Diploma in UAV & Drones from the Indian Institute of Drones.