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CyberDiplomat Visits the Lebanese Embassy: Strengthening Diplomatic Ties and Advancing Cybersecurity

[New Delhi, India] - On April 18, 2023, The CyberDiplomat visited the Embassy of Lebanon in New Delhi. This visit aimed to engage in fruitful discussions and collaborations surrounding various aspects of cybersecurity, cyberdiplomacy, technology proliferation, skill development, and more.

During the meeting at the Lebanese Embassy, the following key topics were discussed- Establishing cyber norms and enhancing diplomatic relations in the context of technology proliferation; exploring opportunities for young professionals in the technology sector; a program on cyberfeminism which is aimed to promote humanitarianism in cyberspace; and to introduce cyberpsychology programs in schools across Lebanon.

As mentioned in the meeting, the Cyberdiplomat have initiatives that we seek to collaborate on. They are :

  1. Cybersecurity and Cyberdiplomacy research on Cyber Norms, diplomatic relations in technology proliferation.

  2. Cybersecurity skill development and capacity building. Through our Centre for Excellence in Cybersecurity across Universities in India, we can facilitate cross-domain, cross-border research on technology and cybersecurity.

  3. Employment opportunities for young professionals of Lebanese origin in the technology sector in India and vice versa.

  4. We want to start a collaborative program on Cyberfeminism - Promoting humanitarianism in Cyberspace. Research and policy developments through this program will be supported under our platform called "Cyber Delegate -" The website is currently under development and will launch on 1st May.

  5. Initiate funding support and incubation support to Cyber & Tech start-ups.

  6. Initiate Cyber Psychology programs for Schools in Lebanon, giving awareness of cyberpsychology and preparing the teachers and counselors to tackle the problems of the future. This is a promising initiative to mitigate the harmful effects of technology by developing an environment for students, parents, counselors, and teachers through cyber-psychology workshops and training sessions at the school level. These well-researched modules have been developed by our expert professionals, which helps our future generations mentally prepare for the side effects of technology and cyber and gradually strengthen their mental health conditions and, eventually, their well-being.

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