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Dr. Martin Trevino joins as Strategic Advisor to the CyberDiplomat LLC

On the 1st of February 2023, Dr. Martin Trevino and Sanjana Rathi, CEO - of Cyberdiplomat LLC, signed an MoU for research and collaboration on projects facilitating Cybersecurity and Cyber diplomacy.

Dr. Martin Trevino is a Visual Analytics and Human Factors Executive. He has worked on next-generation Visual Analytics and Human Factors (Neuroscience & Cognitive) influencing how we make risky data-informed decisions. While all analytics efforts approach their task from a design perspective, more needs to be understood about precisely how the brain functions concerning data and high-risk choices - this is where Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology come into play. Dr. Martin is also a Visiting Professor at the National Defence University, Washington DC, and has worked with public and private stakeholders on issues related to Cybersecurity.

At Cyberdiplomat, we look forward to working together on research and development in Cyber diplomacy, Cybersecurity, and Cyberpsychology.

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