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Date: 10th June 2024

Jo de Paris 2024: 338 fraudulent websites for the resale of tickets identified by cyber gendarmes

In March 2023, gendarmerie cyber patrols identified 338 fraudulent sites targeting the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. These patrols, involving 200 gendarmes, shut down 51 sites and placed 140 others under surveillance. Under the supervision of Europol, they focus on tracking ticketing fraud on the Internet and social networks. The Director of Operations emphasized the risks of buying virtual Olympic tickets from social networks and advised against purchasing tickets below their original price. If defrauded, individuals can report to the police, gendarmerie, or the DGCCRF. It's important to note that buying tickets outside official channels is a criminal offense. The cyber cell will continue operations post-Olympics.

Regularly update your security measures to prevent cyber attacks – Expert to govt

Adebola Folorunso, a cybersecurity expert, advises government agencies and corporations to regularly update their security measures to prevent cyber attacks. She emphasizes the importance of backing up data, conducting security assessments, and continuously training security teams to enhance application security. Folorunso also highlights the significance of strategic alliances between government bodies, businesses, and cybersecurity experts in reducing cyber threats.

London hospitals cancel cancer surgeries after cyber-attack

Hospitals in London had to cancel cancer operations this week due to a cyber-attack believed to be initiated by Russian hackers. St Thomas’ and King’s College hospitals postponed procedures due to the hack, which prevented them from providing necessary blood transfusions. The attack caused significant disruption, affecting six NHS trusts and multiple GP practices in south-east London. The lack of transparency around the attack is causing concern among affected staff, and the impact is expected to persist for an extended period, leading to anxiety and uncertainty among patients and healthcare providers.

Former home affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo warns China's cyber activities 'close to an act of war,' with key Australian systems at risk

Former home affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo has warned that China's cyber activities are nearing an act of war. There are concerns about potential conflict with Beijing over Taiwan. The US and its allies are worried about Chinese attempts to undermine digital systems and critical infrastructure. President Xi Jinping aims to reunify Taiwan by 2027, raising the risk of a major conflict involving the US and allies like Australia. Mr. Pezzullo highlighted the heightened threat of a major cyberattack on Australia's assets in the event of a conflict, which would create significant challenges for the country's armed forces and could have severe implications for households and businesses.

Websites targeted in cyber attack ahead of elections

Multiple websites were hit by low-level 'hacktivist' cyber attacks before local and European elections. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reported a series of low-impact Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, aimed at getting attention rather than causing harm. They said the impact was minimal. The NCSC has been providing technical advice and coordinating the response process with the affected websites. In preparation for cyber attacks, the NCSC recently led a major international cyber defense training exercise. Last week, a Russian hacker group claimed responsibility for a coordinated attack on Dutch political parties' and EU institutions' websites during the European elections.

22 Chinese nationals jailed in Zambia for multinational cyber crimes

A Zambian court has sentenced 22 Chinese nationals to prison terms ranging from seven to 11 years for cyber crimes, including internet fraud and online scams targeting people from Zambia, Singapore, Peru, and the United Arab Emirates. They were part of a group of 77 people arrested for involvement in a "sophisticated internet fraud syndicate." The Chinese-run business, Golden Top Support Services, employed young Zambians to engage in deceptive conversations using mobile phone SIM cards, leading to their arrest.

China's vast cyber trafficking network dupes Americans using fake shops

Google Gemini, a brand-new AI-enhanced version of the popular search engine, may be the end of 'Googling' as we know it. A Chinese network running countless fake online shops has scammed over 800,000 people in the U.S. and Europe, according to The Guardian.  These shops dupe people into sharing card details and other sensitive personal data by touting to offer discounted goods from Dior, Nike, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Versace, and Prada, as well as many other premium brands.

Tom Lewandowski: Perth’s serial cyber stalker will stay behind bars after he was refused parole

A serial dating app stalker — who was jailed last year for terrorising women online — will stay behind bars after he was refused parole. Tom Lewandowski - who changed his name after being caught terrorising nearly twenty women online previously – was handed a two and a half year prison sentence in December after he admitted to a string of new stalking charges which left five other women terrified.

Cleveland City Hall closing Monday over 'cyber incident': officials

Cleveland City Hall in Ohio is closing on Monday due to a "cyber incident," according to city officials. The scope or nature of the incident has not yet been determined, but the city has shut down several affected systems. Emergency service systems will still be operational. All internal systems and software platforms will be shut down until further notice.

Ethical Hacking Bill: Russia’s Move to Bolster Cyber Defenses

The Russian government is close to passing a bill to legalize ethical hacking, responding to cyber threats and geopolitical pressures. Russia faces challenges due to technology isolation and talent exodus. Its cyber strategy has evolved to focus on sophisticated activities in response to these challenges. Legalizing ethical hacking aims to strengthen cyber defenses and symbolize technological autonomy. This proactive approach enhances cybersecurity resilience and enables skilled individuals to contribute to national security. Understanding Russia's cyber strategy is crucial in navigating the changing cyber landscape and guarding against new threats.

Cyber-Angriff zum Start - Claudia Brandes ist 100 Tage Bürgermeisterin in Petersberg

Die ersten 100 Tage von Claudia Brandes (parteiunabhängig) als Bürgermeisterin von Petersberg sind an diesem Sonntag vorüber. Seit sie am 1. März die Nachfolge von Carsten Froß (CDU) angetreten hat, war ihr oberstes Ziel, sich in die Verwaltung einzuarbeiten. Aber dann war da noch der Cyber-Angriff.

"Good luck Niconico management" Many voices of support with X to Niconico, which is suspended due to cyber attacks

Niconico services such as Nico Nico Douga and the parent company KADOKAWA have been inaccessible due to cyber attacks since the early morning of June 8. Currently, we are suspending the service and investigating the restoration, but Dwango says, "There is no prospect of recovery at least this weekend.”

Cyber Defense: Mechanism to Prevent Rights Infringement

The government of Japan is considering implementing "active cyber defense" to enhance the country's security. However, there are concerns about potential infringement of privacy rights. Recent discussions have focused on improving laws and information sharing. Prime Minister Kishida has instructed the drafting of a relevant bill for submission in an upcoming Diet session. Transparency and public understanding are essential.

Kadokawa Posts Statement After Suspected Cyber Attack

Kadokawa Corporation released a statement suspecting a cyber attack that made several of the group's websites unavailable. They promptly shut down affected servers and are working to protect and restore their system. Nico Nico services are also suspended, and the company is investigating the incident. No credit card information has been leaked.

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