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Date: 13th June 2024

E-books will soon again be available through Seattle Public Library after cyber attack

Seattle Public Library members will regain access to e-books on Thursday, June 13 after a ransomware attack on SPL's online systems. Although some library operations will resume on Thursday, the system won't be back to normal, and some services like Wi-Fi and physical item holds are still unavailable. The library does not issue late fees, so patrons are asked to hold on to any checked-out items.

Cyber police in Kyiv expose accomplice of Russian hackers

Police in Kyiv uncovered a 28-year-old man who disguised a virus as safe files for Russian hackers to attack companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The hackers demanded ransom after using the virus to disrupt computer networks and render data unusable. The man faces up to 15 years in prison under Ukrainian law. Additionally, the Spanish company Santa Barbara Systems, a part of General Dynamics involved in tank repairs for Ukraine, was also targeted in a cyberattack.

CRC Group / INSUREtrust Cyber Practice partners with Darkweb IQ

The recently formed CRC/INSUREtrust Cyber Practice Group has partnered with Darkweb IQ to help clients prevent ransomware attacks by gaining exclusive visibility into the criminal ecosystem. Darkweb IQ will now be available as part of INSUREtrust’s Cyber PreCheck platform, offering vulnerability scanning and IT and insurance budget prioritization guidance for policyholders. This partnership aims to provide innovative solutions in the cyber insurance landscape and empower brokers with enhanced resources to combat ransomware attacks.

Proposed UK ransomware legislation could 'exacerbate cyber BI losses’

UK officials are considering more stringent legislation on ransomware attacks, including mandatory reporting of attacks and licensing for extortion payments, which could add an unhelpful layer of bureaucracy to an already time sensitive process, and exacerbate BI costs.

Canada’s Largest School Board Targeted by Ransomware Attack

Canada's largest school district is currently investigating a cyber incident, which is part of a series of ransomware attacks that have been causing disruptions to companies and public institutions in the country. The Toronto District School Board informed parents via an emailed letter on Wednesday, indicating that the attack occurred when an unauthorized party gained access to the board's technology testing environment. The TDSB mentioned that its cybersecurity team took immediate steps to preserve data and safeguard critical operations, and assured that its systems are operational and have not been affected. Toronto police have also been notified about the incident.

US Army deploys a completely new type of cyber missile unit as part of Aukus alliance

The newly established Multi-Domain Task Force (MDTF) in the Pacific is a specialized military unit equipped with advanced technologies such as high-altitude balloons, Precision Strike Missiles, cyber warfare units, and unmanned systems. The MDTF embodies the second pillar of the Australia-UK-US defense pact - Aukus, focusing on capabilities including hypersonics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. The 3rd MDTF, based in Hawaii, integrates capabilities across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, exemplifying the concept of Multi-Domain Operations. The task force aims to enhance joint forces' effectiveness and deter adversaries in the Indo-Pacific region, with a focus on disruptions to enemy defenses and ensuring freedom of movement in contested areas.

Protests, drones and cyber attacks: Waterford conducts election security drill

During a statewide election security drill, town officials prepared for the November voting process by discussing various scenarios, including cybersecurity issues and physical threats like protests. The importance of ongoing revision and improvement of election security plans was highlighted based on insights gained from the discussions.

Hospitals grapple with aftermath of cyber attack

London hospitals are still dealing with the aftermath of a cyber attack that occurred on 4th June, causing disruptions in services such as blood transfusions at hospitals including Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital and King's College Hospital (KCH). Some processes are taking much longer due to the manual processing of blood tests, resulting in KCH operating at about 70% capacity with some operations being canceled. Patients requiring urgent operations had to be transferred to unaffected facilities. Hospital staff have been commended for their response to the cyber attack. The NHS is actively working to minimize the disruption to patient care and is assessing the extent of the impact caused by the attack.

Hstoday Paris Hilton and CNN Among Accounts Targeted in TikTok Cyber Attack

The Government Technology & Services Coalition's Homeland Security Today (HSToday) is the premier news and information resource for the homeland security community, dedicated to elevating the discussions and insights that can support a safe and secure nation. A non-profit magazine and media platform, HSToday provides readers with the whole story, placing facts and comments in context to inform debate and drive realistic solutions to some of the nation’s most vexing security challenges.

NTXIA and FBI Dallas Team Up for Workshops on Cyber, AI, and Other Potential Threats to North Texas

The North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) and FBI Dallas are collaborating to organize educational workshops about information and cybersecurity, risk management, and other issues affecting North Texas. The aim is to empower members with knowledge and tools to navigate modern threats and foster a secure innovation ecosystem in the region. The workshops will cover critical topics such as AI, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and IP theft, and will include insights from the FBI. The series began on June 5 with the first workshop focusing on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Treacherous Internet: Cyber-Criminalization of LGBT People

While studying digital targeting of LGBT individuals in the Middle East and North Africa, I interviewed Yamen, a gay man from Jordan. He was extorted online and ended up being sentenced to six months in prison under Jordan's cybercrime law. This is not an isolated incident, as several MENA region governments have introduced cybercrime laws that undermine freedom of expression and privacy rights. Some governments are criminalizing online expression for LGBT individuals, leading to prosecution even in countries that do not criminalize same-sex relations. For example, in April, Iraq's parliament passed an anti-LGBT law punishing same-sex relations with up to 15 years in prison and "promoting homosexuality" with 7 years in prison, including online promotion. In 2024, Human Rights Watch started the "Secure Our Socials" campaign, urging major digital platforms to better protect LGBT individuals. Many reported online harassment, but the platforms did not remove the harmful content, highlighting the need for social media companies to prioritize user security and rights.

Brazil's Climb Onto the World Stage Sparks Cyber Risks

Brazil's growing global influence has made it a target for cyber threats from abroad and domestic criminal activities, according to Google and Mandiant. The threat landscape includes account takeovers, card fraud, and ransomware attacks conducted by Portuguese-speaking hackers. North Korean and Chinese groups are also targeting Brazil, with North Korean threat actors focusing on government agencies and financial technology firms.

No tech expert for CLE City Hall during cyber issues

The City of Cleveland has been without a technology chief for several months following the resignation of Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Froilan Roy Fernando in April. After a "cyber incident" caused a shutdown of Cleveland City Hall for more than two days, the Mayor's Office stated that they have received 128 applications from 21 different states to fill the vacant position. The city is currently reviewing applications and aims to finalize top candidates for interviews in the coming weeks. City Hall has not disclosed the details of the cyber incident, referring to it as an "abnormality," but assured the public that they are continuously working to bolster security measures. Despite the reopening of City Hall, sources have reported ongoing issues with the city's computer systems.

Tackling Cyber Resilience in Healthcare’s Supply Chain Management

Healthcare IT managers are under higher scrutiny for information security compared to other IT groups due to the sensitivity of patient data. Outages can affect diagnostic procedures and medication orders. Healthcare IT teams also face more regulatory requirements and have fewer software and hardware suppliers than enterprise counterparts. It's crucial for healthcare IT teams to focus on their third-party suppliers to maintain cyber resilience and reduce risk. Security assessments of vendors and contractual requirements for notification and Software Bill of Materials information are common strategies across all environments. Here are four areas IT teams may focus on to enhance healthcare's cyber resilience in supply chain management.

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