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Date: 25th May 2024

60 Indians rescued from cyber fraud rackets in Cambodia return home

The Indian embassy in Cambodia has rescued and repatriated at least 60 Indian nationals who were trafficked and forced into cyber fraud. The embassy expressed gratitude to the Cambodian authorities for their support.

Estonia Welcomes Global Partners to Strengthen Cyber Defense

Estonia has invited countries worldwide to join the country in the fight against cyber threats. “Every country that is ready to contribute to the fight against evil is more than welcome in Estonia because we have great experience in the cyber field. We have also specially designed institutions for this purpose. When there are people who are ready to contribute to our common goals, we are open to collaboration. However, we must understand that as a small country, we can host only a limited number of guests,” Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur told Financial Express Online. 

UK not heeding how dangerous China's cyber-espionage capabilities are, claims ex-cybersecurity chief

Former Chief Executive of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin, has issued a stark warning about the growing cyber threats posed by China, emphasising that the United Kingdom is ignoring the significant shift in Beijing’s cyber-espionage tactics. Martin’s remarks come in the wake of a US alert earlier this year, revealing that Chinese state-backed hackers are targeting critical sectors, marking a pivotal moment in China’s cyberwarfare strategy. In an interview with The Guardian during the DTX conference at Manchester Tech Week, Martin stressed the need for heightened vigilance across both public and private sectors, as well as civil society. He urged the UK government to convey unequivocally to China that any attempts to disrupt essential infrastructure would be intolerable.

How China is targeting adversaries like India with cyber frauds, espionage

The Indian embassy in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, on May 22, announced the rescue of some 360 Indian nationals from human trafficking networks in the country. The most recent rescue involved 60 individuals freed from a location known as Jinbei-4 in Sihanoukville. The operation was a collaborative effort between Indian and Cambodian authorities. Indian intelligence agencies have identified multiple instances of Indian IT workers falling victim to similar scams in Cambodia and Myanmar, with estimates suggesting that over 5,000 people may have been coerced into cybercrime by Chinese actors.

Microsoft CEO should be fired over cyber failure

In March, Microsoft’s security culture was laid bare – and found wanting – in a report produced by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB). The report was triggered by a significant security incident in mid-2023, when a China-affiliated hacking group compromised the emails of senior US government officials who were working on national security matters.

Russia and China ready to ‘sow division and chaos’ with election cyber hack

Parliament’s office of science and technology (Post) has issued “rapid response” guidance to warn politicians, electoral registration officers and the voting public of the threat, including a potential hack of their identities and the online electoral registration system, as well as the possible creation of deep fakes of prominent MPs. At the same time, an influential committee of MPs and peers has written to the Prime Minister to warn him that the UK “must be prepared for the possibility of foreign interference” during the general election, including from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, which is designed to “sow division and cause chaos”.

Kroll cyber threat landscape report: AI assists attackers

“Phishing was the most likely vector for email compromise incidents,” the report noted. “Kroll observed that in Q1, while phishing was typically synonymous with an email message, actors continued to evolve tactics and introduce others, such as SMS lures and voice phishing, which seem to be rising in popularity.” Ransomware, on the other hand, saw a decline to 16%, from 23% of incidents in the preceding quarter, Kroll noted, possibly because of the law enforcement takedowns of ransomware-as-a-service organizations such as LockBit and BlackCat.

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