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Centre for Excellence in Cybersecurity - CyberCoE

Our world is increasingly becoming knowledge-based, founded on digitally-connected systems. This digital-driven economy also comes with inherent threats. These threats include Identity theft, viruses, denial of services, malicious activities, and loss of sensitive data. In such a situation, cyber security is necessary to provide critical and timely protection as well as support for national security, public safety, businesses, and education to the people, developing a skilled workforce, or research. No industry is immune to cyber attacks —be it retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality or academia. Additionally, the attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day.

Why does your University require a CyberCoE

The National Cyber Security Coordinator, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India defines cyber security as measures that protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and non-repudiation. The table below shows the increasing investment in the growth of Information technology

systems, supporting the fact of an ever-increasing data-driven society.


Challenges to Overcome

  • Low security awareness among end-users - 25%

  • Not enough skilled cybersecurity professionals available - 24%

  • Inadequate funding - 23%

  • Too much data to analyse - 23%

  • Lack of management support/awareness - 21%

What we Deliver

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We understand that the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is a persistent problem in the industry. Many organizations are struggling to attract and retain skilled security experts. We are here to provide a realistic and assertive strategy for developing cyber skills across your entire workforce. Our focus is on the solution, and we will not waste your time reiterating the problem.

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Cybersecurity Interns will grow their skills and enhance their career potential as they are integrated onto teams working closely with cyber professionals on mission-focused projects while learning in a fast-paced, technology-evolving environment. As an intern, you can look forward to a robust offering of activities and events, such as exposure to cybersecurity. 

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Traditional training methods are ineffective and uninspiring. They fail to provide individuals with the practical skills they need, especially in a classroom environment. Our approach allows professors and students to develop skills on their own terms without interrupting college operations. This allows for greater training frequency and, in turn, more significant progression.

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In the global tech and cybersecurity startup space, there are numerous programs known as 'accelerators' and 'incubators'. These programs, while separate, often overlap and provide practical assistance to new enterprises. They help businesses grow and succeed, eventually reaching the scale-up stage.



Some of our key research areas include Automotive Cybersecurity, Data Security and Privacy, IoT and Wireless Devices, Network Security, Cloud Computing Security and Privacy, Digital Forensics, Risk Assessment, and Applied Cryptography 

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The Cybersecurity Lab will establish a knowledge repository for information sharing related to Vulnerabilities, identified risks, recent attacks, commercially available solutions such as hardware software, tools etc meeting the cyber security standards.

Annual Timeline

First Two Months: Kickstart training of Faculty on Cybersecurity, Cybercrime Investigation, and Cyber diplomacy Awareness Program

Next Three Months: Making Security Operation Centre in the Centre for Excellence in Cybersecurity. Facilitate Student training, workshops, and conferences on Cybersecurity, Cyber Training & Workshops.

Three Months: Cybersecurity Research Projects, Incubation of Projects into Startups, Accelerate Cybersecurity Startups, Career activities, internship opportunities, and other exciting projects that will give students a practical understanding of the domain.

Final: Monitoring and Evaluation; Next Steps and Release of the annual roadmap.

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