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Trainings and Courses 

Everything in the field of Cyber - Security, Diplomacy and Psychology 

Police Tapes

The 6 Es of Cyber Forensics - for Detectives, Investigators, and All

Evaluate E-Evidence Efficiently, Everywhere, Effectively 

Social engineering concept, Business woman using latop computer with social engineering ic

Social Engineering, Business Email Compromise & Ransomware 

How to secure your business from common cyber attack? 

Flags in a row

Cyber Diplomacy

An Introduction to Diplomacy in the Technology Era 

Stock Exchange

Cybersecurity for Banking & Financial Sector 

Ensuring secure transactions

Destress for wellness symbol. Concept words Destress and Wellness on wooden cubes. Beautif
Destress for wellness symbol. Concept words Destress and Wellness on wooden cubes. Beautif

CyberDeStress Program

Workshop on Cyberpsychology for Corporates 

Technology Expo

General Cybersecurity Awareness for Corporates 

On Building Cyber Resilience at Your Organisation 

Odessa's Lighthouse
Odessa's Lighthouse

Maritime Cybersecurity & Cyber Diplomacy 

Taking a Dive into Maritime Cybersecurity in an Interconnected World 

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

Cyberdiplomacy - Africa

Understand Technology Development and Cybersecurity in Context of Africa 

Scientist in Greenhouse
Flags in a row

Cyber Diplomacy - LATAM 

Understanding Latin American Countries, their Technology Development & Cyberdiplomacy

Image by Bernd 📷 Dittrich

Cybersecurity for Agriculture & Food Sector 

Ensuring Secure Food Supply Chain

Teacher and Blackboard
Image by Kyle Glenn

Cyberdiplomacy & Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 

Defending Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chain Cybersecurity 


General Cybersecurity Course for Engineering Students & Faculty 

Providing Cybersecurity Education for Technical Students and Faculty  

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