Diplomacy for a vibrant & ethical technology culture. We serve to solve. 

We work on Research and Analysis, Capacity Building and Policy Advocacy in Cyber_

The CyberDiplomat in a cyber and tech venture that works on technical, managerial, legal and diplomatic solutions in cybersecurity. We are a team of experts in the area of cyber-psychology, cyber-diplomacy, cyber-security and cyber-threat intelligence. We take a human centric approach to problem solving in the domain of cyber and technology. 



It is most necessary to use diplomacy for a vibrant and ethical technology culture. It is because of the dual use of technology that we focus on cyber and cyber security. 

This is a normative domain where somebody's good might be other person's bad and therefore it is a domain that requires continuous research and development.



Our vision is to ensure the world is cyber-secure and technology is used for creating positive impact for individual and international development. 

We ensure that the processes, policy, people and technology are aligned towards creating a cyber resilient environment where justice and wellbeing prevails.
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In the world where cyberwar is common, we wish to build cyber-resilience through cyber diplomacy. It will be done by providing quality expert analysis of all cybersecurity issues of concern. 

Our services and insights enable us to solve cyber-related issues. We bring together multiple stakeholders and enable making better and more informed decisions as a result. 
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Educational Institutions, Educators, Academics, Bureaucrats, Policy Makers, Business Professional from all sectors that have ICT integration, E-commerce Professional, Engineers, Marketers, Human Resource Professionals, Institutions, NGOs, Activists, Student and Parents